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Endeavor Real Estate Investment Company was born from our client's needs to capitalize on the opportunities that the real estate bust created. While our primary business of providing real estate and mortgage related services declined, the number of clients who were interested in investing and picking up "good deals" sky rocketed. As a result, we began to shift or focus to sourcing and structuring deals for our investment clients. Although we still provide traditional real estate agency services, we concentrate on servicing investor clients.

We have become very adept at identifying and structuring investment transactions for our clients. We've learned that every investor has different investment objectives, circumstances and aversion to risk. As a result, we tailor an investment strategy to each investors needs. We encourage you to contact us today to explore how we can help you!

Our Broker/ Owner

Aaron Berryman is a winner with a proven track record of success in consulting, management and real estate. Aaron was born and raised in Southern California and comes from a real estate background. His grandfather was an appraiser and one of the first real estate brokers in Los Angeles and his father is an avid investor in single and multi-family properties. After completing high school, Aaron went to Cornell University where he graduated with honors in Industrial and Labor Relations and garnered the Varsity Football Team’s MVP award.

After college, Aaron joined well renowned author and speaker on organization development, Ken Blanchard’s company as a marketing representative and trainer for his products and services. Ken Blanchard is most famous for his book “The One Minute Manager” series and the creation of the management system “Situational Leadership”. Inspired by Ken’s mentorship and what he learned, Aaron was encouraged to get his MBA. He chose to attend Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland Ohio where he specialized in marketing and finance. There he was awarded the merit based Weatherhead Fellowship which paid for his tuition and living expenses. After graduating with honors, Aaron decided to embark on a management consulting career where he worked with both Ernst and Young LLP and Hewitt Associates. Ultimately, Aaron branched to start his own marketing and management consulting firm. Some of the clients Aaron consulted to include: Motorola, Kraft Foods, Disney, Telus, Texas Instruments, US Airways, Prudential and a host of other large and small clients. Having worked with several real estate and financial services clients, Aaron was inspired to focus his energy on those fields and got his real estate broker’s license.

With license in hand, Aaron opened Arrow Capital Group, a full service brokerage that specialized in real estate, mortgages, financial services and investment. Aaron continues to run Arrow Capital Group today and has helped hundreds of clients with their real estate and financial services needs. Aaron also owns Endeavor Real Estate Investment Company which serves as a brokerage and acquisition firm for its investor clients. Besides running his businesses, Aaron still consults to companies and investors in addition to speaking to groups about real estate and investing.

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